Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Task 3: WWW Lesson Plan

Level: Form 4 (Advanced)

Time: 8.20a.m.-9.40a.m.

Aims and learning outcomes:

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
1. Extract the main ideas from a news report video.
2. Be familiar with the wh-questions functionality.

Technical requirements:

1. One computer for each pair or trio (depending on the class size)
2. Headphones for each computer
3. Internet connection
4. LCD projector


1. Teacher needs to choose the latest suitable news video clip from and analyze its' particulars.
2. Prepare a worksheet based on the article by extracting the main ideas from the news based on the wh-questions such as who, what, when and etc. to be given to the students.
3. Prepare a sample answer for the worksheet.

EDUWEBTV webpage:



Set induction (5 minutes):

1. Teacher asks students to sit in pairs or trio (according to the class size) and turn on the computers.
2. Teacher asks students what are the current issues in Malaysia that they know.
3. Teacher asks students where they get the news from.
4. Teachers asks them to mention any source that they can get the latest news from and makes sure that EDUWEBTV is included among the sources.
5. Teacher instructs them to open the internet browser and go to EDUWEBTV homepage by typing the address in the address bar or search for it via search engines such as Google or Yahoo search.

Step 1 (40 minutes)

1. Teacher asks students to look for news videos from the News tab on the webpage and look for the latest news about education and in English language as what he has prepared for earlier.
2. Teacher distributes the worksheets to the students and asks them to watch and listen carefully to the news and create questions based on the wh- questions with the answers according to the video. The questions need to be about the important ideas of the video.
3. Students are asked to complete the task in less than 40 minutes.
4. Teacher moves around the class and assists students who face any problem.

Step 2 (20 minutes)

1. Teacher chooses one pair randomly to present their work.
2. Teacher discusses the answers presented with the class and asks other students if they have other answers to be discussed.
3. Teacher shows the sample answer using the LCD projector and asks students to correct their answers if they have wrong answer and add the new answer if they do not have it yet.
4. Teacher refers to the sample answer prepared earlier as guidance to assist with the discussion during the process.

Conclusion (10 minutes)

1. Teacher concludes the lesson by summarizing about the functions of wh- questions.
2. Teacher explains about what they have learnt from the activity.
3. Teacher inculcates moral values of the lesson.

Follow-up activity (5 minutes)

Teacher asks students to write a reflection of what they have learnt from the lesson in their exercise book at home as their homework.